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Think God

The Background Story


Tom Powers 

The Founder of Think God Foundation 

From an urban background in the county of Kerry, in an area called Tralee, Tom was born and raised in this district until the age of twelve years. His parents then moved to England where the extraordinary events that changed his entire life occurred. The story told in his booklet, The man who hears God's Voice, are in Tom's own words and recount the astounding experience that was to set Tom on a journey to a new beginning. Tom made a covenant with God in 1982.


Tom has helped thousands of people through the trials and tribulations of their lives but he is now dedicated to accomplish God's wish to make His people more aware of Him.

With this in mind, Tom has set up the Think God Foundation with it's own unique website because God's people have become frightened, disillusioned and, most of all, they feel lost. By helping people to Think God, it will give us our rule of conduct back and can prevent violence on our streets and stop us from destroying ourselves. God told Tom that He wants a THINK GOD DAY to be celebrated and involve every single human being on the planet.

Join the Think God Foundation today. 



The THINK GOD FOUNDATION invites you to be involved in this wonderful moment in the history of mankind, to help God to have His THINK GOD DAY that will be celebrated all over the world. It is only with the collective help and support of our Members that we can continue to work towards bringing God’s wish for a THINK GOD DAY to the wider world. Add your voice to our community and by the strength of unity in a common goal we can ensure that the voice of the THINK GOD FOUNDATION can grow.

Join us today, please fill in your contact details and forward €10.00 membership fee. You will receive your membership pin and be kept informed of all future THINK GOD FOUNDATION news and events.

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